How to Buy and Sell Tron (TRX)

There are many different exchanges from where you can buy Tron; some of them are Binance, CoinEgg, Mercatox, OKEx, etc. To buy Tron, you must first buy Ethereum on Coinbase for which you have to open an account and get your information verified. After buying Ethereum, you will need to transfer them to an exchange that sells Tron. Binance is one such platform which has low fees and large volume. In Binance, you should transfer your Ethereum and click on TRX/ETH. Now look for Buy TRX and click market. This will give you the current price for Tron. Now enter the amount of Tron that you want to buy and use all the Ethereum that you transferred from Coinbase. Finally, click Buy TRX to complete your trade.

Advantages of Trading With Tron

Since the launch of Tron, there have been many speculations regarding it. Some believe that it’s the next thing while others think that it’s just another project which is destined to fail. Though it’s difficult to predict anything right now, its evident that Tron is creating hype in the market.

Tron has many advantages. First is that Tron has a very low transaction cost. Tron is capable of handling transactions in huge volumes. Another thing that makes Tron unique is the great team that is behind this project. It has some of the most talented people from China who are working on this project to improve it and to make it better.

How to Earn TRX Coin?

Tron was created to support the content creators and entertainment industry. As Tron is getting more attention, it has partnered with many companies like Here are the best games that are good to earn free Tron:

  • Aftermath Islands – The game was launched in 2019, and it features pirates, island owners, and a decentralized world. You can play the game on their official website
  • CropBytes – It is a Tron based digital farming game where users can grow crops, upgrade buildings, buy land, breed animals, etc.
  • Magic Academy – It is one of the latest games which got added to the Tron network. TRC20 and TRC-721 are the main assets used in the game.
  • Eggies World – It is one of the first cryptocurrency collectible games. A player can earn Tron by feeding and raising the eggs on Eggies World.